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In the event of extreme weather...

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In the event of extreme weather...
by S GOODWIN (Teacher) - Friday, 8 December 2017, 4:40 PM

At present the weather forecast is predicting significant snowfall on Sunday. This forecast may change, of course..

In the event of extreme weather conditions parents and students should check the school website, Twitter and Facebook accounts for information. If it is judged that the extreme weather causes a risk to the health and safety of staff and/or students, it may be necessary to close the school on Monday.

If this is necessary a decision will be made as early as possible to minimise inconvenience.  A message will be posted on the School Website, Twitter, Facebook  and local radio, and the Local Authority informed. A Parent Mail will also be sent out.

Should any student arrive at school we will look after them and make contact with parents to arrange for them to get home safely.

Mr Goodwin