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Update to last day of term arrangements

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Update to last day of term arrangements
by T MOSELEY - Tuesday, 19 December 2017, 1:46 PM

School will close at 12.15pm on Friday December 22nd as explained in my letter of November 28th. Students can stay in school to have their lunch but should leave immediately after finishing their lunch.

Merseyrail have announced a strike on Friday so no trains will be available before 2pm, and after 2pm only a skeleton service will run. Therefore I have insisted that the bus company do run buses on this day. However, the 610 bus will not leave until 3pm. The 623 and 609 buses will leave school at 12.30pm.

The 623 bus travels to Bromborough Village and terminates at the Co-op at New Ferry. I will arrange for priority to be given on the 623 bus for any student who would normally use the train and has no other means of getting home, in addition to the normal users of the 623. However, to ensure that there is space for these students I must ask that you fill in this slip and return it to me by Wednesday 20th December.